The Future Is Bivocational

    By Andrew Hamilton | ISBN 9780645322095

    When I was in my 20’s and relatively new to paid ministry, I remember reading about another pastor in the deep south of our state who was employed as the school bus driver, alongside leading his local church. I vividly recall a moment where I thought, ‘Wow; how sad that you finished up at a church that couldn’t afford a ‘real pastor’.

    I somehow assumed that the only reason a pastor would choose to work outside of the church was to pay the bills – to survive. Today, I am ‘that guy’, running a small irrigation business while leading a Baptist church, but surprisingly loving life and finding the combination to be both missionally engaging as well as conducive to developing church leadership that is in touch with the challenges of everyday people.

    This book advocates for bi-vocational mission and ministry to be taken more seriously in the Australian context, particularly as we enter an increasingly secular landscape. It is a mix of story telling, theological reflection, insights from other bi-vocational practitioners, as well as simple, practical advice for pastors, churches and Bible colleges who wish to explore this as a mode of mission and ministry.

    About the author
    Andrew Hamilton is a pastor and small business owner living in the far northern beaches of Perth, Australia, with his wife Danelle. After a background in Physical Education, he has spent the last 30 years in Christian leadership and mission of various forms. More recently, he and Danelle have led Quinns Baptist Church since 2009 and in 2019, planted Yanchep Community Church in their own suburb. They still pastor in both these churches, but have transitioned leadership to two younger pastors and entered a new phase of life. Since 2008, Andrew has also run his own irrigation and turf business alongside local church leadership. When not at work, Andrew can be found either surfing, roasting his own coffee, or flying a drone and taking pictures of his local beaches.

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