the fog lifter
Gary Blackford
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    Winning Between the Ears

The Fog Lifter: Making Life a Better Place to Live

Gary Blackford

ISBN 9781921589720

LIST PRICE: $22.99


From a world darkened by depression and mental illness comes a message of hope to this generation. Gary Blackford is a man with a story to tell. After sinking into the blackness of depression and mental illness to the point of attempting suicide, Gary now tells a story of great hope to a generation struggling with the mind.

He begins by taking the reader into the dark caverns of the mind showing his personal struggle. This story may shock some, yet give an incredible insight into what someone suffering from depression and mental illness can go through.

Then like taking steps from a dark cellar into the open light, Gary leads us step by step through 9 practical steps into the light. This book has been over 20 years in the making and told in a very real and at times quite humorous way.

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