The Egg Thief

    Rod Noble


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    By Rod Noble | ISBN 9780645256994

    This book is a work of fiction. Some of the characters and events are based on true stories.

    Fern arrives in Australia by fishing boat, a refugee, escaping her war-torn country of Vietnam. A boatload of desperate people disgorged onto the barren Northern Territory coastline.

    She first encounters the local Aboriginal people and the path that emerges, leads to a remote community in Arnhem Land. Is there a future here for a young Asian woman?

    Birds and their eggs bring her joy and friendships, but discovering the love of a MAF pilot opens a way to new life and the understanding that God is seeking her out.

    About the author
    Rod Noble is a retired Teacher of the Deaf. Rod lives in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia with his wife Elizabeth and adult daughter, Miriam, who has Down Syndrome. He currently shares his home with two Tamil Asylum seeker families who arrived by boat in 2012.

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