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The Day I Met God 2

Grace Fauchelle


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By Grace Fauchelle | ISBN 9780648919483

No matter how far you’ve fallen, you’re never too far gone for him…

Amy Harris’s life is a living hell. After being abandoned by her mother, she is left in the care of two abusive parents. Everyday is an endless struggle for her, which is why she wants to die.

She hangs herself to end it all – until a strange figure appears and snaps the rope. In surviving, she meets Yeshua, a kind-hearted, if not strange, young man who befriends her. Amy realises there is more to him than meets the eye. He tells her that her life is not over and is filled with hope, but how can she believe that when all her life, all she has ever known is darkness?

What Amy doesn’t know is that even in our darkness, God is in the midst of it all, working for our favour.

This harrowing story, written by the talented Grace Fauchelle, is raw, heartbreaking, emotional and honest. it will leave you holding on until the very end.

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