The Crucifixion

    Roger D Taylor


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    By Roger D Taylor | ISBN 9780645108002

    With the demons swarming and the vast armies of heaven’s angels standing by, but not allowed to intervene, the life slowly drains from the Lord’s body. Satan looks on, gloating, manipulating. His twisted satisfaction is suddenly interrupted, however, by the great warrior Archangel Michael’s flaming sword at Satan’s neck.

    The Father gives the command and Earth stands still, literally, as the mighty armies of heaven; thousands upon thousands, and tens of thousands upon tens of thousands, pour out of heaven’s gates and head to the cross. Could this be the greatest battle between heaven and hell that has ever been fought? Or is there a greater plan unfolding that neither angels or demons could possibly have foreseen?

    Told predominantly through the perspective of the mighty Archangel Michael, with the vast armies of heaven’s angels at his back, ‘The Crucifixion’ provides a fictional account of the unimaginable grief and raw emotion likely faced by God and the angels as the events of Christ’s death run their horrific and drawn out course. Capturing the deep loving Father heart of God, not only for His son Jesus, but also for us as human beings, we’re taken on an exhilarating and emotional journey through the conflicting moments of incomprehensible suffering and yet ultimate triumph of Easter.

    About the author
    With his varied roles as a Detective in the New Zealand Police and a long-standing interest in the ongoing battle between angels and demons and their interaction with mankind, Roger D Taylor brings us this powerful and emotionally charged take on the Crucifixion story. Having grown up in the heart of South Auckland, New Zealand, Roger joined the Police at the age of 26. Now with over 14 years as a qualified Detective, there’s not too much he hasn’t seen, including on occasion interacting with and praying over people appearing to be affected by demonic possession. Residing in New Zealand, he lives with his wife and two children and their ferocious Maltese guard puppy, Harley. He has sung in various church worship teams and because his wife enjoys men singing and playing the guitar, he has also recently taken up playing the guitar.

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