The Cactus Devotional

    Suzanne Thomas


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    By Suzanne Thomas | ISBN 9780645108057

    The cactus is one of the world’s toughest plants, the ultimate spiky survivor. In The Cactus DevotionalFacing All Conditions With God, author Suzanne Thomas uniquely compares the cactus to that of our spiritual lives with forty edifying lessons.

    We are living in spiritually dry and uncertain times in a world that is becoming more and more me-centric. The humanistic culture advocates ‘the self’ as the answer to all of life’s passions, problems and pursuits, with self-belief replacing belief in God. The cactus has been designed to withstand hard and hostile conditions and there are many lessons that we can learn from this tenacious succulent.

    The Cactus Devotional reminds readers to focus on God in the midst of a changing and challenging terrain. Each lesson is rooted in God’s truth and the Biblical worldview as we look at facing tough times, contentment, meaning, hope, beauty, thorns, wounds, belonging and other life issues together with the Lord. Every lesson digs deeper questions to support readers to reflect on their own lives as they spiritually grow and mature.

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