The Blood Covenant of God

    Denis Plant


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    By Denis Plant | ISBN 9780648578093

    The blood covenant is the most binding covenant any two people or groups of people can enter into. Once committed to, the only way out of it is by the death of one or both of the covenant makers. It is something that is never entered into lightly.

    Starting with the earliest covenant spoken of in scripture, through the covenant with Abraham, Moses and David, and culminating in the New Covenant in Christ, Dr. Denis Plant explores the scarlet thread of God’s marvelous mercy and grace, in depth and with great insight. Understanding the full responsibility and privilege of our covenant relationship with Christ and one another is a key to our deeper walk with Christ. The reader will be challenged to seek a deeper walk with the Lord as this excellent work is read with open heart and mind.

    About the author:
    Dr. Denis Plant is the CEO/Principal of Vision International College, founder of the Internet Bible College, and Senior Pastor of Word Christian Fellowship, a Foursquare Church in Macquarie Fields, New South Wales, Australia. He specializes in teaching and preaching the word of God, and developing teaching programs for the world.

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