the b word

    The ‘B’ Word

    Katrina Wilkie

    ISBN 9780645802535

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    A young woman’s struggle from the torment of Bulimia to freedom in Christ

    The ‘B’ Word is the story of a young woman’s struggle with an eating disorder known as Bulimia. As she fights a losing battle, her determination and strong will both sustain and start to wreck her.

    Through circumstances Louise can’t ignore, she is introduced to the idea of God being the ‘great healer’. Is Jesus the answer to her getting well? It seems to Louise that she is the only one in the church who isn’t perfect, so it’s unlikely Jesus would want to know about her.

    Louise also faces some other complications in the return of an old boyfriend, and a best friend who seems to have it all.

    The ‘B’ Word is my story. I’ve written it down for you, so you can read the words I most needed to hear. Beautiful one, don’t give up. There is hope. There is healing and a whole new life for you that is yours to claim. This nightmare you are going through is not your forever. Just hold on and take one tiny step at a time.

    Love, Katrina.

    About the author
    Katrina Wilkie is an Australian author and Primary School Teacher. She lives with her husband Damian, an assortment of crazy animals, and their blended family of grown and growing up children. Her favourite things are her family and friends, reading, writing and walking outside in the beautiful Australian bush or beach. She has spent most of her 50 years struggling with disordered eating, including ten years of Bulimia controlling and consuming her life. She writes with a passion to help and encourage others in their journey towards healing and overcoming.

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