7 fundamental rights of god's kingdom
Andrew Darrah
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    re-discovering the role of the church

The 7 Fundamental Rights of Citizens of God’s Kingdom Government

Andrew Darrah

ISBN 9780645411720

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We are just over three years into a pandemic that has greatly impacted all facets of society. Wearing masks, social distancing and lockdowns have redefined our world. Our memory of what used to be a “free and safe” world has very quickly been blurred out by this event.   There’s a sense of helplessness and hopelessness as many are left disillusioned and confused.

In an undoubtedly unstable world, with ever changing laws and constant flactuating economies, one would agree that those who seek stability would not find it in this world.

Andrew Darrah is the author of the book “Rediscovering the Role of the Church, God’s Government On Earth”, where he shows through the scriptures that we that are on earth can come under the Government of Heaven simply by a “born again” experience and a submission of our life to the King Jesus.

In our presently dark world, the question, what does it mean to be free, and what are my fundamental rights as a human? is one that can only be answered correctly from the scriptures. In this booklet, Andrew examines the first few chapters of the scriptures and shares seven fundamental rights and duties from the Creator to all humans.

A graduate of medical science in 2010, a youth leader and now a pastor, Andrew is most passionate about serving the Lord’s Will and bringing His freedom to humanity.

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