that you would know jesus

    That You Would Know Jesus

    Leanne Dalapu


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    By Leanne Dalapu | ISBN 9780645411737

    Come discover a Gift so precious that it cannot be priced, for the value is of eternal weight and glory. Within this small, yet powerful book lay hidden truth: signposts and symbols spoken of throughout the Scriptures by the Prophets of old.

    These prophetic Scriptures have made known to all nations the Promise of blessing for all people everywhere – blessings that will last forever. The veils shall be removed as each truth is revealed, causing your eyes to be opened to the mystery of the kingdom of God.

    The revelation of the mystery which was manifest is according to the commandment of God for obedience to faith in God’s Gift.

    About the author
    Leanne Dalapu’s journey of getting to know God began during her childhood.  She was brought up in the Lord and attended the local Full Gospel Church.  Leanne has pursued the Lord in prayer from a young age and went to Bible College attaining a certificate in Christian Ministries. She has been involved in overseas ministry trips to India and the Philippines where she continues to have input. Throughout her life, the Lord has revealed much during the times she has spent in His Presence.  It is from the place of prayer that the Lord instructed her to write this book. Leanne lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband Nelson and their two daughters.

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