That Book For Wives

    Sally Poyzer

    ISBN 9780995391727

    LIST PRICE: $19.99



    Is your husband frustrating and annoying?
    Do you wish he was more loving and considerate?
    And does he show absolutely no interest in learning how to change?

    That Book for Wives shows you four key ways that you can transform your marriage, even if your husband is not interested in changing.

    In this easy to read, biblically-based book, Pastor Sally Poyzer shares how she spent the first few years of her marriage trying to fix her husband until God showed her that instead of trying to change him, she needed to change herself.

    Telling stories from her own experiences in an amusing and engaging manner, Pastor Sally gives practical and valuable advice for meeting your husband’s four main needs.

    If you want to see your marriage transformed, you need to read That Book for Wives!

    A must read for those who are married and are willing to take on the challenge of having a great fulfilling marriage that lasts.
    Pastor Robyn Bettcher, Pastoral Care Pastor and Marriage Counsellor

    This is a refreshing, interesting, practical, plain-speaking book that I heartily commend.
    Dr Barry Chant, author, teacher, pastor and founder of Tabor College Australia

    “That Book for Wives just might change your life and give you a different future.
    Dr Allan Meyer, co-founder of Careforce Lifekeys, author of From Good Man to Valiant Man

    An excellent book, well done.
    Dr Vanessa Chant,
    Relationships Counsellor

    About the author
    Sally Poyzer is a credentialed pastor with CRC Churches International and has spent many years ministering to women, particularly in the area of marriage. She is passionate about sharing how God can help wives enjoy being married. ​With a background in corporate training and a Bachelor in Adult and Vocational Education, Sally is an experienced and enthusiastic preacher and teacher. She has her own consulting business, specialising in writing and facilitating customised training programs, as well as writing and formatting a range of organisational documents. Sally was married at nineteen to Josh Poyzer, who is now the Senior Pastor of Portlife Church. They have been married for over eighteen years and live with their two gorgeous children, Promise and Rockford, in Adelaide, South Australia.

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