Tell Them I’m Alive

    Marion Estelle Brown


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    By Marion Estelle Brown | ISBN 9780648991236

    What began as the author’s simple expectations, developed into unimaginable opportunities to share the love of Jesus in unlikely locations. From a first timid entry into Pakistan, God opened up doors to other fields.

    Tell Them I’m Alive is about searching for fresh purpose when life takes a different turn. It is an account of the faithfulness of God in calling, but also equipping and sheltering of His children where danger prevails.

    The distinct message on Marion’s heart came from Jesus Himself: “Tell Them I’m Alive”.

    “If you are like me you will be amazed at what Marion attempted through Christ. She felt compelled to tell people who were imprisoned by circumstances, trapped in misery and hemmed in by spiritual darkness, that Jesus the great Liberator could not be incarcerated even by death. He was alive and ready to free all who wanted that freedom.”
    Bishop Reg Piper former Senior Minister, Gymea Anglican

    “In a world where risks are increasingly avoided, Marion recounts a testimony of trusting and obeying, loving and forgiving, risking and rescuing…This is a story about never giving up on the promptings and call of God. Marion thank you once again for inspiring and encouraging me to listen to and love people in Jesus’ name.”
    Rev Jonathan Shanks, Senior Minister, Northern Life Baptist Church

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