Taping Over God

    Jim Stevens


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    by Jim Stevens | ISBN 9780648371984

    Like so many others, Jim struggled with the unanswered questions about God, and the certainty with which many Christians seemed to present ideas about God. But at the same time as he was pulled towards settling into cynicism, he was still continually drawn towards God with ongoing intrigue and the hope that God was better than he had thought. 

    What if there is more to God than we first thought? And what does God really want from us anyway?

    In Taping Over God, Jim looks at how updating our early, and less developed, thoughts about God with deeper thoughts and further conversations can lead to a greater awareness of God and life, steering us towards richer and more meaningful relationships, maturity, and repair for us and the world around us.

    By reading Taping Over God, you will confront the deep desire we all feel to be right and to have all the answers, and come through, discovering practical ways to find and experience God.

    About the Author

    Jim Stevens is a pastor from Melbourne, Australia, where he lives with his wife and 2 daughters and has been pastoring in churches since 2004. Growing up involved in churches, both as an outsider and as a contributor, Jim has been a thoughtful observer of the ways in which faith and God are understood and presented in vastly different ways by those within the church as well as those outside the church. Jim has a strong focus on presenting God in a relational, practical and humorous way as life is just better with more laughter and closer relationships.

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