Suspicious Eyes Taints the Heart

    Elsie Asiata


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    By Elsie Asiata | ISBN 9780645286038

    Suspicious eyes
    tells us lies,
    taints the heart
    and tears love apart!

    To truly appreciate the light in my life, you must first understand the darkness that used to consume me. Journey with me through these pages of real life, real struggles, real hope and real salvation!

    May my words speak into the hearts of those who feel hopeless, voiceless and/or powerless.

    May my truth lead you to Gods’ truth, and may we ALL feel empowered by His love, His strength and His grace.

    You are not alone.


    “That was so beautiful to read!
    You are so brave, wise, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing this xxx”

    “Beautifully written book, words from her heart. A raw truth of Elsie struggles in life that has brought her to the one true God. A salvation story! An encouragement for others who have been through the same trials and are struggling to find love, true love.”

    “A collection of Poems created from real life experiences by the author. Full of emotion and an insight into her life story. Can be confronting, but also comforting in the fact that she did not let these experiences define her as a person. A great read if your feeling lost, very thought provoking.”

    “I’m up to part 3, and I don’t want to put it down but I have to as I really gotta hang washing and chuck another load in, while the weather is good! It’s funny (well not actually funny) but as I read I recognize you at those points in your life, what we were doing in them, together or apart! I absolutely love it!”

    “This book is so well written and truly touched my heart. I got caught up in the writer’s journey growing up from a challenging childhood to finding happiness as an adult. I highly recommend this book! 5 out of 5!!”

    “I just finished reading your book…in one sitting. I thought I’d just read a couple of poems before I go to bed. But I can’t put it down.”

    “You are truly a gifted writer.”

    “My dear, you have such a big heart, and you know I love you. I have always believed in you and your successes, and I can’t begin to explain the joy I feel, in seeing you bless others lives. You are gifted, you are kindhearted, You are changing lives. Thank you so much my friend. You are the epitome of Mana Wahine x”

    “The poems are raw, deep written with nothing but true emotions, from a young girl who managed to keep going even though all else was falling apart. A true inspiration for those going through it/have been through, you are not alone, at the end it is Gods grace that helps conquer all her past fears and tribulations. A true inspiration for the young, a lesson learned for the old, through God all things are possible.”

    “Hi Elsie, I thought you’d want to know a really cool thing that just happened. I was at a coffee shop with a friend and was raving about your book and how I was loving it and how beautiful the poetry was and this girl about mid 20s overheard and asked me the name of the book. I happened to have it in the car, so I got it to show to her. I felt I should gift it to her, and I knew that you’d be happy with me doing that. I feel it was such a God thing. Needless to say, I’ll be buying another book for myself.”

    “I read your book this week. What an amazing storyteller you are. I could feel all your emotions pouring forth in the poems. It’s a beautiful testimony to Gods grace and love and His power to redeem. I’m so proud of you. Congratulations.”

    “An amazing journey told thru the eyes of a young girl growing into a woman. An inspiring story of overcoming an abusive childhood & facing life’s toughest challenges and winning against the odds! Howa lost soul was found and brought into Gods warm embrace and learning the appreciation for life and love! To strive ahead with purpose even when you have nothing and believing you will succeed! Totally an inspirational story told through raw truth in poetry! Receiving the greatest gift in Christ who has blessed this woman in every tangible way that leaves no doubt!! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your bravery in letting us into your story! A riveting read which will move every emotion within!”

    “Hey Elsie! I just read through your book!!! I think it’s awesome, I loved seeing the progression from dark to light in your journey…I love the rawness of your emotions and thoughts, you have been tremendously vulnerable, but I think that is what makes it so captivating… Thank you for letting me see inside your story – it’s awesome to see the place you have landed as a child of God… Amazing – all glory to God as you say… One of my favorite parts were the prayers you have crafted, the thank you prayer… I’d love to chat more about that some time… You have a real gift in this area…”

    “Wow, this book of poetry takes you on a journey of a broken little girl to a fearless woman of God. The transition gives me hop and allows me to reflect on my own journey with the Lord. Her poetry is captivating and powerful. Many times, I found myself lost in the story of her words because I could envision the picture she painted with her rhythm and rhymes.  I highly recommend this book. Makes a great conversation starter and gift of hope. I truly have enjoyed reading this and rate it 5 out of 5. A must read!”

    “Suspicious Eyes Taints The Heart, This collection of poems is real and raw, honest and subtly profound. Through poetic prose this origin story captures the experiences of a vulnerable little girls struggles and triumphs, pains and loves, darkness and light; a girl who became the strong and faith-filled woman discovered by the end! This is by no means a ‘happily ever after’ story, but more akin to a ‘comes back stronger in the face of adversity’ story. The emotions conjured are especially heartfelt knowing that we have witnessed immense strength and life-altering growth – quite inspiring … He mihi maioha i to maia!”

    “At the start of this book you could definitely feel the darkness. Some parts brought tears to my eyes. But as I carried on through the book of poems you could see the light coming through Gods glory. Very heartfelt poetry. My favorite poems are ‘Belt of truth’ and ‘Let Him in’. God bless you Elsie.”

    “Hello my dearest friend/sister, Thank you for sharing your journey with the world, your words in your book spoke into my heart as I resonated in a lot of what you went through growing up and it’s humbling to know how you over-came your struggles and pain through it all with the love of God.
    There is always hope at the end of the tunnel, never give up!”

    “It’s my day off today and I FINALLY found that perfect time to read your book.
    It’s very touching, courageous, and inspirational. Hearing something profound from someone you know and respect as a person makes it even more inspirational and impactful.”

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