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By Shadi Alexander | ISBN 9780645015317

We are living in a world and at a time desperately in need of good leadership.

SUBTITLES is a practical take on leadership, addressed primarily to Christian leaders both within ministry and corporate contexts.

This practically written handbook, is a wonderful guide for leaders, advocating leadership excellence throughout multiple sectors and spheres.

SUBTITLES is all about reaching for leadership excellence – not perfection – founded upon Christian principles, lighting up the way for all leaders.

About the author
SUBTITLES is Shadi Alexander’s debut as an Austrian writer and author.  This book is his initial contribution into the leadership and personal development space.

Shadi has a special interest in reaching people from all walks of life with a raw and honest, personal development style of writing.

Shadi is unashamedly a born again Christian.  His aim is to humbly help people from all walks of life, in an unbiased way. His passion is to reach people of all backgrounds, spurring them on in living their best lives.

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