Subtitles: The Subtitles of Great Leadership

    By Shadi Alxander | ISBN 9780645015317

    When good simply isn’t good enough. The Subtitles of Great Leadership expounds upon the key “do’s” and “don’ts” of what truly effective leadership looks like in a remarkably unadulterated and honest way. This relatively short book is comprised of ten succinct chapters and will prove an applicatory handbook for leaders both in ministry and corporate worlds alike.

    We are living in a world, in a space and time where great leadership has never been in higher demand, yet in such scarce supply. Great leaders are expert subtitle readers and therefore we must first lay aside all our prejudices, preconceived ideologies and often, unrealistic expectations.

    Often, we miss what is being communicated, what is truly being said by our colleagues, our loved ones, or even in some cases the Word of God because we fail to read between the lines.

    If we are truly willing to peel back the curtain of pain, hurt, suffering, misconception and even misunderstanding, we will need to go on a journey of discovery and further understand what it truly looks like to become great leaders.

    About the author
    Shadi Alexander is an Australian based Author, Speaker and Motivator with an entrepreneurial mindset and an honest heart for Christian Leadership and Personal Development. He is also a passionate, born-again follower of Jesus Christ. Shadi is an alumni and graduate from the world-renowned Planetshakers Church College Internship Programme in conjunction with formal leadership training through Alphacrucis College. His heart is to see people from all backgrounds, social stratospheres and walks of life – both in Ministry and Corporate contexts – live their best lives.