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Storm Riders

Jane Lindsay


LIST PRICE: $19.99


By Jane Lindsay | ISBN 9780645286014

Teenagers Nate and Ollie start on an adventure sailing their Dad’s boat in the beautiful coastal town of Jervis Bay, Australia.

Encountering a ferocious storm, they get more than they bargained for and are catapulted one hundred years into the future. They have encounters with people, robots, and androids and must work out who is friend and who is foe.

Nate’s Christian faith leads him to a deeper experience of trusting Jesus than ever before.

Can Nate and Ollie figure out how to return home, and can they overcome the deadly challenges they meet?

About the author
Australian author Jane Lindsay’s love of sailing came from her teenage years of yachting with her Dad on Hobart’s Derwent River, and on Pittwater, Sydney. The excitement of yacht racing and camping adventures has never left her. At 17, she had an encounter with Jesus, and He is part of every story. She is married to David and lives on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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