stories of hope
Dawn Wolfik
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Stories of Hope

Dawn Wolfik

ISBN 9780645967364

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Stories of Hope is a series of forty-three poems addressing themes of everyday life, both past and present, including faith in God and our spiritual heritage; hope in grief; and life connections that help to make us who we are and bring joy to our daily lives.

Stories of Hope includes themes around family, happy places, pets and people, the fabric of life that our days are woven from and help us to love and appreciate each other, and leave us with precious memories that enrich our lives.

Stories of Hope is easy to read and understand and to come back to again and again. I hope you enjoy and can identify with some of the poems in this book.

About the author
Dawn Wolfik enjoys using poetry to portray the stories of life, which are hope filled in times of uncertainty and change in our world. Life experience through both challenging and joyful times, have provided the themes in her writing of both her former book and this book of poems. She was married for 44 years before her husband’s passing, is mother to four married children and grandma to 12 beautiful grandchildren. She is also an associate Pastor in her church, where she serves in Pastoral Care, teaching and worship. She is also the author of Waiting for Morning.

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