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Melanie Downes

ISBN 9781763620100

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There are so many questions related to the spiritual element of our existence; questions that need to be answered in order that we may live life to the full in passion and freedom. 

From spirited people to spiritual events, we are enveloped by an unseen phenomenon that we rarely understand.  We all have these stories to tell, but how do we frame them? 

Spirit tells these stories from two decades of living in animistic Africa, amongst the Yawo people of Malawi. Melanie and her Australian family unpack their spiritual journey of faith, courage, heartache and hope.

About the author
Melanie Downes a passionate follower of Jesus dedicated to learning more about her spiritual journey through faith. Formally a Health and Physical Education Teacher and partner in a building business in Queensland Australia, Melanie now lives in Malawi Africa amongst the Yawo as an inter-cultural team member with Baptist Mission Australia. Acting as team leader, spiritual advisor, project manager, mentor, teacher and jwakutamichila jwa Mlungu.

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