Sparking Joy

    Yumi Schaefer


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    By Yumi Schaefer | ISBN 978-0-6450153-0-0

    Joy is your birthright in Jesus.
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    Sparking Joy is a 30 day creative and reflective devotion designed to ‘spark joy’ in your life.
    Joy is your strength.
    Joy is life empowering.
    Joy is the most hidden weapon.
    Joy is the key for human connection.

    About the author
    Born and raised in Japan as a third generation Korean, Yumi Schaefer has a vision to change the world. She believes that joy is the birthright of every Christian and is focused on helping Christians achieve joy in a challenging world. Now based in Brisbane, Australia, Yumi is a dance therapist and is also the author of ‘Renew Me – The Art of Living Well – 7 Steps to your Optimal Wellness’.

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