silent suffering

    Silent Suffering

    Bec Sarah Jane

    ISBN 9781763511293

    LIST PRICE: $24.99


    Silent Suffering delves into the journey of Bec Sarah Jane, a survivor of domestic abuse and child sexual abuse, whose resilience shines through—even in the darkest of times.

    A childhood of innocence taken to twenty-five years of family violence that has continued to post-separation abuse when her daughter was abducted and used as a tool for reconciliation, Bec reflects on the enduring scars left by abuse, including the insidious tactics of post-separation abuse, coercive control, systems abuse and the horrendous process of parental alienation.

    Amidst the turmoil, Bec discovers a glimmer of hope—faith in God after having a near death experience. Despite holding a master’s degree and defying societal stereotypes, she finds herself engulfed in a relentless battle against injustice and indifference.

    Bec works as a Therapist and lives with PTSD. She continues to have a heart brimming with empathy and kindness. She aspires to offer assistance to others by sharing her experiences, driven by a deep desire to prevent anyone from enduring the pain she has suffered. Additionally, she aims to raise awareness and advocate for legislative changes.
    This poignant narrative is not merely a tale of survival; it is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and transformation.

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