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  • Other Books by SM Nostrini

  • Other Books by SM Nostrini

Seth’s Solace

By S M Nostrini | ISBN 9780648938057

A sheep farmer from Cranbrook in the Great Southern of Western Australia thought his life was perfect, until the day he was abandoned. Disillusioned and torn, peace eludes Seth Jarvis.

As heart-wrenching trials unfold before him, will he lean on the only one he can truly trust? He learns new things about himself and not all of it is helpful. Seth negotiates a rocky climb in the search to solve his problems resulting in unavoidable consequences. His new-found friends are left struggling to understand the path he has chosen. Will Seth’s soul find a healing balm before it’s too late?

Book Two in the Plantagenet Trilogy continues with the lives and friendships of characters from Courtney’s Keys. Thought-provoking questions expose unexpected revelations and resolutions. Flourishing new romances develop on the sun-drenched western horizon.

About the author:
Sheryl Nostrini lives in Western Australia with her husband, Steve. Her writing journey began later in life with the account of her immigrant parents-in-law in ‘Emilia and the Monument Builder.’ A seed of a story was sown for the Plantagenet Trilogy and Sheryl felt God lead her to write fiction to nurture readers into a deeper relationship with him.