Science and Genesis

    Neville Piper


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    By Neville Piper | ISBN 9780645037548

    Is the Book of Genesis in the Bible true?

    The findings of modern science appear to contradict some of the stories found in Genesis, so much so that even some Christian leaders question whether Genesis should still be regarded as part of God’s revelation of himself and his plan for humankind.

    In this book, long-standing and experienced scientist Neville Piper examines Genesis in the light of current scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as cosmology, biochemistry, geophysics, archaeology, palaeontology and linguistics to:

    • discriminate between mythology and the possible historicity of people and events;


    • understand what God is seeking to teach us through both historical fact and symbolism.

    In the process, he finds that science is able to clarify our understanding of many stories (such as the Great Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah) and even helps us towards resolving some doctrinal issues (such as free will versus predestination).

    About the Author
    Neville Piper is an Australian scientist with Masters degrees in Science and Business Administration. He worked at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission (now called the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) and in industry, publishing eight papers in Chemistry before moving into the field of Information Technology. In this latter field he specialised in the analysis, design and specification of technical and business-oriented systems for government, educational, financial and telecommunications organisations. He is a lay preacher and Bible group leader and lives with his wife on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

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