Girls Can Surf

    Lisa Wallis and Serena Brooke


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    By Lisa Wallis and Serena Brooke | ISBN 9780645141788

    Welcome to Saltwater Journey, an all-inclusive learn to surf resource devoted to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, who have the common desire to get out in the water and surf.

    This book teaches you everything you need to know including wave selection, etiquette, surfboard and wetsuit selection, plus how to look after your skin, hair, and most importantly how to stand up and ride a wave with ease.

    With Saltwater Journey’s wave diary, you can record your achievements to reflect upon. Plus, Serena Brooke, professional surfer and a mother of twin girls, shares her secret tips that promise to take the frustration out of learning to surf and get you riding waves sooner.

    About the authors:
    Lisa Wallis is a mother of two based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where she runs her own PR business. She is currently completing her Master’s in social work to further her work in supporting child safety, youth and women services. Lisa also works as a qualified surf coach, teaching women and girls how to surf.

    Serena Brooke is a mother of twin girls, a former professional surfer, and also resides on the Sunshine Coast. She was ranked number 2 in the world in both 1998 and 99.

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