Rotor in the Green

    Ray Dousset


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    By Ray Dousset | ISBN


    All my life I had felt different, unfulfilled. My wife and my many counselors could not understand the reason why. Only one person knew the answer, and He would show me in his own good time. But before all the suffering and pain, there was my all-consuming passion.

    Exposed to flying at an early age, it became my dream, pursued often at the expense of my family. This is the story of achieving that dream, but only to find it just a step; a necessary step to attaining the real secret of peace and fulfillment in my life.

    From his early teens Ray Dousset had a passion to fly and despite setbacks, including failing his first eye examination, several bouts of depression and a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder (manic-depression), Ray went on to fly the Blackhawk helicopter and become a 6,000 hour search and rescue pilot.

    Ray wrote Rotor In The Green whilst grounded from flying due to his medical condition, but believes that if it is God’s will for his life to return to flying, then he will use his skills to further the Kingdom of God. He now resides in China with wife Suzanne and fifteen year old Chinese foster daughter Wang Xiang (Deborah), where he teaches English to doctors and university medical students. Here he has the opportunity to share his faith, and believes that God will use all his life experiences, both good and bad, to help bring people to know Him.

    “Rotor in the Green paints a clear and frank picture of Ray Dousset, the man and the pilot, on a canvas that all who have any interest in flying will recognise and enjoy.”
    From the Foreword by Brigadier W.J.A Mellor, AM, DSC

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