Revealed - God's Plan From Now Till Eternity

    Revealed – God’s Plan From Now Till Eternity

    Alastair Weir

    ISBN 9781763557291

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    REVEALED – God’s Plan From Now Till Eternity introduces a vast new missionfield few have envisioned. It is predominantly written to those left behind after the sudden disappearance of millions of Christians at an event often referred to as the Rapture. The message to them of what just happened and what comes next is dependent on you purposefully leaving the book for them to find when we are gone.

    It does not matter if you have never considered yourself an effective witness, or are housebound due to infirmity; you can be an equally effective Evangelist. This insightful book reveals God’s amazing love for those who have rejected Him. Amidst the hatred and hopelessness in the world, as God’s judgements fall over seven years, referred to as the Tribulation Period, they can learn of the hope still available for them. We read in Revelation that their number will be too great to count. We can be a small but meaningful part of that harvest.

    Readers can use the book now to show the growing number of people searching for answers to what comes next and what they must do to escape such a time as described in REVEALED.

    “When my dear friend Alastair asked me to read this book’s draft, I felt privileged to do so. In my nearly half a century of ministry, largely majoring in being prepared for the coming Kingdom, I have read much on the subject, but I’ve never read anything quite like this. It is unique in its emphasis on God’s overwhelming love for those left behind who will become the Tribulation Saints. Every true Christian home should have this book, not just to read and learn, but to ensure it’s left behind for those beloved Saints.”
    Pastor (Rev) Russell Couper.

    About the author
    Alastair Weir was born into an evangelical Christian family in Scotland, becoming a committed Christian at ten. After a regrettable spell of rebellion as a teenager, he travelled to New Zealand, seeking a new start, having re-committed his life to the Lord Jesus. Through hard work and an appetite to learn, he quickly rose through the levels of a multinational company and into the exciting world of an expatriate senior manager living in Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur with responsibilities in other A.S.E.A.N countries. Life was busy, but free time was prioritized to serving God in many ways, both in New Zealand and in Asia. Alastair took on one of the roles of teaching elders in a large church in Hong Kong. He says he learned so much here under the tutelage of a group of Godly men. Alastair later faced an even more significant challenge as an elder in a rapidly growing Christian fellowship in Jakarta, Indonesia. He believes writing this book is the greatest privilege he has ever been given.

    Alastair is retired and lives near Christchurch, New Zealand. He is married to Heather, who has partnered with him throughout their service. They have two adult children and five grandchildren, all living in New Zealand.

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