David Folker


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    By David Folker | ISBN 9780648715085

    The Junk Knight is a famed relic-hunter. A grim mercenary with a fell reputation. An angry loner prone to fits of rage. The locals stay clear. Unless they need protection. But you don’t count on the Junk Knight to bend a sympathetic ear to your plight. You need payment. And relics aren’t exactly easy to come by…

    But when a stranger undertakes an impossible quest to rescue an innocent from a dark fate, Junk Knight is moved. No one knows why. Least of all Junk Knight. What was it that made this stranger’s plight so irresistible?

    Junk Knight will quickly learn that the stranger is not what he seems. That the quest is not what it seems.

    The darkest adversities of Junk Knight’s forgotten past, long since buried, will rise up once again to haunt the troubled mercenary, threatening the success of their venture.

    Will they prevail?

    About the author
    David Folker was born and raised in rural Queensland. He left the serenity of the country to study Education at Brisbane, where he now teaches by day and writes stories by night. David drives his wife and children crazy by flinging around useless words like “auspicious” and “meandering” whenever there is an occasion to do so. An avid fan of the fantasy genre (and reading/gaming in general), Relentless is David’s first foray into the realm of published writing.


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