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Reflections Volume 3

Dr. Ian Jagelman


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By Dr. Ian Jagelman | ISBN 9780648715061

Walking with Christ beside Peter and John, including the Gospel of John, his three letters, letters to the seven churches of Asia, three verses in Revelations, and the two letters of Peter, Ian, in continuing your Reflections series with this Book No. 3, you have done it again! You have given a short pity comment on 2-3 Bible verses with the added punch of a practical question at the end to facilitate personal application. A great “present’ resource.
Sue and Syd Hume

Ian’s guiding through Scriptures with the intent to demonstrate
everyday leadership and life lessons may not sound like a radical
project at first glance, but this book – like those in this series
before it – are not simply devotional lessons, they are the product of
Ian’s decades of Church leadership, ministry, teaching, Biblical
studies and hard won experience through trials.
Sam Stewart

Sitting in the crowded airport lounge, awaiting my flight to somewhere
on the planet, I have just enough time to read the little great book
of Ian, called Reflections. What an uplife; what a blessing! Very
grateful to you Ian for this small great book!
Marc Mosimann

Ian continues to have a great impact on my life as a godly teacher,
leader, mentor and example. The Reflections series continues those
roles, offering rare insights into the Scriptures, searching questions
and challenging applications.
Mal Wood

About the author:
Dr Ian Jagleman has been both teacher and father to many people in
many nations for the past four decades. He is committed to both the
inner life in which Christ must be central and the practical aspects
of the Christian life. He brings to his writing the heart of a pastor,
the mind of a biblical scholar and the experience of walking alongside
those with the desire to know Christ and make Him known.

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