Reflections On Living In Grace
Richard G. Berlach
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    Richard G. Berlach

Reflections On Living In Grace

Richard G. Berlach

ISBN 9780645920734

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What is the faith journey really about? Why was Jesus so hated? What do we know of the Kingdom of God? How is Jesus’ resurrection relevant? What do we know of the Holy Spirit? How will it all end, and why is “the end of the age” associated with “birth pangs?”

Reflections On Living In Grace is an exciting and illuminating book addressing questions such as these. A unique approach invites the reader to explore 130 themes found in the Gospels and the Book of Acts. Each theme is accompanied by a reflection intended to prompt deeper thinking. There is no armchair theologising here.

The present-day relevance of each theme is clearly emphasised. This book is as encouraging as it is accessible. Each theme is kept to one page. In this way, the busy reader is able to engage with a brief reading prior to commencing the day’s activities. For those who have more time, the book can be used as a aid for more intentionally contemplating the mystery that is life.

About the Authors
Richard G. Berlach has spent the better part of his life engaged in academic pursuits. Interests have ranged from teaching undergraduate students through to supervising doctoral candidates in a variety of disciplines. Taking early retirement has enabled him to spend more time surveying God’s creation and writing from the perspective of one whose “life is hidden with Christ in God” (Col 3:3). This is his fourth book written from a Christian perspective, the first two written with wife Linda. In his spare time, Richard enjoys open water swimming all year-round, musing in his workshop, maintaining his garden and reading whatever he can get his hands on. He also takes great pleasure in visiting and assisting seniors as opportunities present themselves. Richard possesses a Doctor of Philosophy conferred by the University of Western Australia and holds a Master of Divinity awarded by Fuller Theological Seminary (California, USA).

“This reader-friendly book uncovers vital theological themes in the Gospels and Acts, beautifully interwoven into clusters of seven. Contemplating these profound truths will inspire the reader to adoration, worship, and personal growth.”
Dr Andre van Oudtshoorn
Dean of Academics and Research
Perth Bible College

“With the cultural and religious landscape changing at such a rapid rate, Christianity is confronted with huge challenges for navigating both life and faith. In this book, the truth of our faith has been succinctly summarised in hidden gems, each with seven points, and every entry depicting real-life stories from people’s experiences. This book is so valuable for deepening our understanding of God’s plan, purpose, destiny and God’s Kingdom. I highly recommend this book for personal growth and/or group study as a way of enlarging a perspective on the Gospels and Book of Acts.”
Pastor Jonathan Anthony
Creative Ministries/Missional Links
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church

“In this work Richard tantalises the reader to apply each of 130 themes, not as a means of understanding the Bible as a mystically motivated academic exercise, but as God’s word coming to us as mere humans needing His revelation by His word. This “topical summary” invites the reader back into the Bible to see that the themes do not stand alone. Each theme compels us to explore more deeply the only true God who created us and who invites us into His eternal kingdom through His Son for His glory.”
Rev. Ray Arthur
Locum Minister – Rockingham Anglican Church


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