Redefining Success According to Jesus

    Dr. Omar Djoeandy


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    By Dr. Omar Djoeandy | ISBN 9780645337051

    What is a successful life? What will it take for you to be a success?

    We seek success in our career, family, relationships and spiritual lives, but ‘success’ is elusive, fleeting and addictive. We reach a high only to want more with the next upgrade, promotion or achievement. Our pursuit of success often leaves us feeling disappointed, restless, inadequate, afraid, empty and craving for more.

    Is your definition of success harming you?

    We need life goals that don’t harm ourselves, others, society and the planet. It’s time to redefine success.

    Encounter the real Jesus and discover His definition of success.

    Apply His wisdom to discern your purpose, enjoy contentment, find courage and experience community.

    Be the success God created you to be.

    About the author
    Dr. Omar Djoeandy has spent decades exploring success and what it means for him and for people from all walks of life, from the slums of Nairobi to the elite world of being a medical doctor. His work as a family doctor, church minister, CEO and entrepreneur based in Australia and Kenya also took him to 21 countries. His observations and experiences alerted him to harmful definitions of success. He connected with the real Jesus of the Bible and discovered Jesus’ definition of success which promises to enrich your life and the people around you.
    Omar and his wife have three young adult children. He enjoys the great outdoors, bushwalking, seafood, and playing squash.

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