re-discovering the role of the church
Andrew Darrah
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Rediscovering the Role of the Church

Andrew Darrah

ISBN 9780645411706

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Nothing is worse than a teenager who has to deal with no sense of meaning and purpose in life and the doubts associated with being born into a religious family. I had to attend Sunday services, and whether I felt like it or not, join in the worship and praise, hear the long often boring sermons, and pay my way out for the attendance by means of the offerings collected.

Church meant nothing more to me than an activity that stole my time from my favourite television show, which happened to be on at the same time as the services. I could not identify with the church, because I felt it was not relevant to the issues I was dealing with then. Of course there is the promise of heaven, and that was good to know, but I was naively confident I would live long enough to make the necessary changes in my life required to make it to heaven before I died.

The promise of heaven was not enough for me to take church seriously as a teenager. I was on the search for relevance, and Christianity was too future-orientated for me to identify with.

My quest for germaneness led me to the Spirit-inspired teachings of the late Dr. Myles Monroe. In my mid twenties I had a dramatic personal encounter with God. Little did I know that it would mark the end of a meaningless life of confusion and open a new chapter of life dedicated to seeking and serving God in truth.

I came to the realization that God wanted to use me to address the very questions I had asked myself several times as a teenager. “What is the role of the church in our societies and the world at larger?”

In this book I will be discussing truths that are concealed or often ignored. Truths that the world may not be able to accept and yet the very truths that will set humanity free from all our struggles.

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