Raising God’s Champions – A Parenting Handbook

    Ravi and Simone


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    Whether you are a new parent, or an overwhelmed parent trying to hold their children back from destruction in this modern world, there is wisdom from God that we can tap into to become better parents.

    In Raising Champions – A Parenting Handbook, Ravi and Simone Gill, who have eight children, have written their experiences in how to produce Godly champions.

    The Bible is full of instruction on raising children and as such, the authors point to the Saviour, Jesus Christ, the author and the finisher of our faith.

    A family that is focused on God can change the neighborhood, city and nation. Our families are part of the bigger picture that God wants to paint, so start your journey of raising champions today.

    With the authors’ encouragement and real life victories and testimonies, you can receive hope from God for your family. So if you are done with other methods and you just want freedom and peace in your family, this is the perfect place to start your journey.

    About the authors
    Ravi and Simone, along with their eight children, love to serve God. They have gone through bittersweet times and have experienced the goodness of God in a peculiar way. This book is a God-given mandate to them, as many have asked for their secrets to the joy and peace found in their family.

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