Psychological Digs in Paradise

    Drs John and Esther Roodenburg

    ISBN 9780645371482

    LIST PRICE: $22.99


    Overcoming the traumas of the past in pursuit of an elusive ideal.

    As a teaching novel, this book seeks to demonstrate ways in which a past with significant traumas does not need to hold us captive. It involves an enjoyable expedition on to an island called Rustenberg, where its characters mainly inhabit the town affectionately known as KP – Kleine Paradijs.

    In a tranquil, tropical setting, the reader is introduced to further psychological insights about several people and their oft misunderstood behaviors and reactions. A seeming simple year’s research trip investigating coffee morphs into unexpected encounters with the visitors’ pasts, as well as their becoming part of a tragic event that spoils the deceptively safe tranquillity of the island experience.

    Written by two retired psychologists with many years’ experience as practitioners, the journey allows us to explore individual responses to life’s curved balls, while learning to accept the very real limitations of believing in the idea of paradise on earth.

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