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Neil Emerson


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By Neil Emerson | ISBN 9780648441021

One of the most significant and treasured possessions we have is our “history”. We began somewhere back there on a certain day and time, in a certain place. How we got to where we are now can be a fascinating subject to delve into. This is especially true if we are able to see that God’s love and providential care has supported us along the way. When he stands with us through it all, we know our lives matter to him. We’ve had good reason to be around.

About the author

Neil Emerson is a retired Anglican Minister. He lives in Blaxland NSW and is married to Beth. This is now his second book. His first is titled, In Praise of The Everyday. Together, Neil and Beth have spent over thirty years in parish ministry. They have four adult children and five grandchildren (at last count that is).

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