Press On In Hope

    Carol Goode

    ISBN 9780645539721

    LIST PRICE: $17.99


    The book of Daniel gives a powerful end-time prophecy.

    “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall incresase……..None of the wicked shall understand only the wise…” (Daniel 12:4-13)

    The speed of knowledge today through technology enhancement is rapidly moving. The global world a busy metropolis of continual movement. Communication through social media an endless expanding tool of spin and commentary. Never has it been easier to connect yet anxiety, loneliness and isolation is on the increase.

    To WALK WISELY is perhaps harder today than any other generation gone before. Not just our words but our motives, inclinations, aspirations and even facial expressions can now be scrutinised and stored as future data. Most freedoms, including freedom of speech and religion are increasingly being taken from us.

    Through Scriptural insight and candid honesty Carol encourages the reader to press into God’s promises and press on in hope.                                          

    About the author
    Carol Goode resides in South Australia with her Husband Jack and family. She is the author of three other books with articles in several Lifestyle Magazines. Her theological training, counselling experience plus a keen interest in politics have all shaped her defining theme. ‘The Bible is more up to date than today’s newsbyte!’

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