Prayers of the Created

    Jim Wenman

    ISBN 9780645492613

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    Prayers of the Created is a collection of poems inspired through the author’s observation of God’s natural world.

    Reminiscent of the great Impressionist artists, who used paint to capture the essence of the object rather than the subject’s specific details, these poems depict not only a scene or character but the thoughts and emotions felt by the writer when observing God’s world.

    By evoking ideas, thoughts and impressions through these poems, the author encourages you to further explore God’s hand in creation and his purpose for the world, in his written word the Bible.

    About the author
    Jim Wenman has written poetry since his late teens. He has composed many songs, which he has performed in churches both in Australia and overseas. Jim studied at Sydney and Missionary Bible College and for 13 years worked as a Church Youth Worker, including three years as the Children and Youth Officer for CMS NSW. Jim has recently completed a ten year study of the book of Psalms. The result of this study is a series of talks, Bible studies, poems and songs called “Psalm Talks”. You can read more at

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