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Pember Pennings

H A Chilver


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By HA Chilver | ISBN 9780645337099

‘Dear Ma, I hope you are sitting down. I am on my way to Mozambique.’

From the verdant valleys of Devon, well-meaning church and middle class motherhood to the dusty African bush, scorpions, overwhelming joy, rats, prison and supernatural encounters.

Desperate to know if stories about a love that heals bodies and transforms communities are real, Hazel sets out to see for herself. Plunged into wild terrain, with comfort zones a distant memory, a deep unravelling begins.

Yearning for any familiar landmark, she grasps pen and paper and starts to write. When Heidi Baker, the extraordinary woman at the centre of it all challenges Hazel to share her story, she accepts.

And now you can read her letters.

About the author
H A Chilver is a freelance writer living between Australia and London. Passionate about increasing well-being in every area of life, she is currently working with a team seeking equality and recognition for Australia’s First Peoples. Between assignments she can be found exploring the bush on horseback and celebrating life with family and friends.

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