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Julie HughesJulie Hughes
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  • Other Books by Julie Hughes

Patsy’s Birthday Surprise

By Julie Hughes | ISBN 9780645459623

Patsy read many horse books, which made her want a horse for herself. However, she knew her parents couldn’t afford one. She had loved the Lord since childhood and He was not about to let her down.

Patsy was given a beautiful horse as a surprise birthday present, but she made a bad choice to ride alone before she was ready.

This had terrible consequences, which led to a valuable lesson.

About the author
Australian author Julie Hughes was teacher trained at Wagga and taught eight years at three different schools in New South Wales. After she married Earl, they taught Scripture together in Arnhem Land, West Papua, and after retirement at Karuah, a local school. Julie’s passion now is writing children’s fiction with a Scriptural theme.

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