Partly Cloudy

    Ken Clezy


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    By Ken Clezy | ISBN 9780648919407

    Magnus is a recent Christian, an obstetrician married to Sally, a mature believer. They are friends with George and Helena, and often discuss difficult passages in Romans over dinner. Helena works for Magnus; they crash and Sally forgives them.

    Life goes on; Sally feels called back to Africa before Magnus does. Finally they are ready to go, but is Magnus ready?

    Find out in Partly Cloudy, the sequel to Ken Clezy’s popular books Man of the Moment and Like New Wine.

    About the author
    Ken Clezy, AM, OBE is a farmer’s son who didn’t have it in him to follow his father. He became a surgeon who spent most of his working life in the developing world, in New Guinea and Yemen. His particular expertise was in the reconstructive surgery of deformities in leprosy. He was the first Professor of Surgery at UPNG, and was largely responsible for non-operative management of the adult ruptured spleen in PNG, where it is now standard treatment.

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