Parallel Worlds

    Parallel Worlds

    Paul Godrich

    ISBN 9780645967357

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    In a world where truth is often obscured by confusion and doubt, Parallel Worlds offers a fresh perspective on the timeless wisdom of Christianity through a parabolic vision, subtly revealing the mysteries of life and faith.

    Readers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as they explore the nature of man and the meaning of existence.

    “Jesus often used Parables, stories from everyday life in Bible times, to illustrate important spiritual lessons and principles that are foundational to understanding the Kingdom of God. Parallel Worlds, by Paul Godrich, employs the life story of a gifted, but frustrated Maths professor to chronicle a journey toward spiritual awakening and the pathos of events surrounding it. Nuances from the author’s personal journey of faith, combine with rich literary skill, to challenge the reader to reflect on his own journey toward spiritual wisdom and knowing God.”
    Dr. John McElroy
    Director – The Southern Cross Association of Churches

    About the author
    Paul, and his wife, Sasha Godrich, are the leaders and founding pastors of Presence Church, Located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

    Paul and Sasha have over thirty years of experience in church planting, worship leading, teaching, pastoring, and business management.

    They have ministered at conferences and in churches nationally and internationally. Their passion is to see people encounter the Reality of God and for the Body of Christ to experience new levels of God’s presence.

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