Painting With God

    Grace Bailey


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    By Grace Bailey | ISBN 9780995391758

    Paint the vision and make it plain.

    What is prophetic painting and as an artist, why would you do it?

    Journey with Australian artist Grace Bailey through her exploration of just what it means to paint with God. Hear how she painted with angels during 52 Weeks of Prophetic Art, a year-long challenge to paint live during worship.

    Read the stories of the people who God touched through visual images painted as an act of worship and share her insights into being a Christian artist.

    You will explore:
    What prophetic art is all about
    Why you’d do it
    Lots of tips for better outcomes
    Sustaining for the long haul

    In this intriguing book, the author is honest and open with the reader as to the challenges she faced, the insights she gained, and the mysteries that surround prophetic art.

    About the author:
    Grace Bailey is an Australian artist with many years experience as a mixed media painter who focused mainly on larger scale portraits since completing an MA Visual and Performing Arts. More recently moving into prophetic art, her underlying themes of passion and power have been translated into worship painting, displaying the Father’s messages of love, power and mystery. Her work is usually large and vibrant contemporary realism. Learn more and follow her work at

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