One Empowered Woman: The Inspiring Story of Lyn Barnes

    Margot Ogilvie


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    By Margot Ogilvie | ISBN 9780648715047

    Do you sometimes feel too shy, too damaged, or too old to possibly be loved or useful?

    If so, One Empowered Woman offers you hope and encouragement through the story of Lyn Barnes. It is an intimate story of violence and love betrayed, heartache and triumph, forgiveness and breakthrough. Lyn’s tumultuous spiritual journey is revealed. From lost, lonely, pregnant teenager through decades of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse to retired, twice-divorced woman transforming the slums of Tanzania into a place of hope.

    Lyn’s faith brought her to a place of forgiveness, purpose and empowerment. Her life has delivered empowerment and possibility to the poorest of the poor. Her story offers those who read it optimism, inspiration and some suggestions on how to release God’s grace and empowerment in their own lives.

    About the Author
    Margot Ogilvie is a married mother of three from South Australia. Her writing features in numerous short story anthologies, including Award Winning Australian Writing 2017 and The Reader’s Digest. She has received awards in many writing competitions. Margot previously published an anthology of Australian biographies called You Can be Another Great Australian. When she’s not writing, Margot works as a home support worker.

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