Off The Shelf: Traditional Dating Truths for the Modern Christian Woman

    Ruth Harding


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    By Ruth Harding |ISBN 9780648919452

    Single, single, and sick of it? If you’re an older Christian girl and you are starting to freak out about dying alone with only your cat for company, this book is for you. There’s no doubt we’re in a dating drought, and honestly, where are all the good Christian guys? Why is it so hard to get a date, let alone a relationship? And how many times can one girl be a bridesmaid? It’s brutal, isn’t it.

    If you feel that most of the elements of your life are in place except for the biggest ones of all – marriage and family – it’s time to get serious about the dating game and to change your tactics. This book contains 40 solid chapters of practical, Bible-based tools that work to get you out of the singleness rut and into a committed, fulfilling relationship.

    It’s not going to be easy, but if you are willing to do the hard work and make some strategic tweaks to your current trajectory, within a few years your entire life could look different. It is possible, and it is possible for you! So grab the book, grab a highlighter and settle in for a lifestyle makeover. Your future is in your hands.

    About the author
    Ruth Harding is (finally) married to an awesome Christian guy and has two cute sons. After serving tirelessly for years in some big-city mega-churches, they now live in a small town in Queensland, Australia, and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle consisting mainly of beach trips, coffee dates and informal relationship coaching. Ruth has qualifications in education, ministry and counselling, and is currently utilising all three in figuring out how to be a Godly wife and mum in this increasingly secular culture. Aside from caring for her family and friends, Ruth is most passionate about helping single Christian girls get married. See her blog at

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