Not My Way But Yehway
Cheryl Christopher
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Not My Way But Yahweh

Cheryl Christopher

ISBN 9781763530331

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This is the journey of a young Christian woman, who at 23 chose a Christian man so she could be accepted by her church; a man who was an up-and-coming pastor in a major metropolitan city. He was the epitome of perfection to the world: a highly qualified corporate leader and also the son of a self-proclaimed prophet, who oversaw five churches.

Surely he would live the Biblical principles of loving his wife, as Christ loved the church. Her fairytale marriage began to fade within four months, engulfed in secretly anguishing years of abuse and manipulation to finally end nine years later. She alone saw through his smoke and mirrors, when everyone else saw him as a Bible-holding leader of the church.

Only she knew of his affairs, his addiction to pornography and money-lust, but she was trapped in a culture where even the mention of spousal abuse or infidelity was taboo and the wife was silenced to submit to her husband – no matter the circumstance. The horrendous abuse finally forced her to make a mammoth decision to leave her husband, a decision unheard of in her culture.

She was left battered, fighting severe depression and suicidal thoughts every day and questioning her faith, until she realised that even the mightiest warriors in the Bible were touched by these monsters. At the same time, God never thought any less of them because He loves us as we are, even when we can’t love ourselves.

Go on the journey as she re-discovers her faith, self-worth and the real meaning of Biblical submission and how to overcome a life of abuse.

Remember, mental illnesses like depression, suicidal thoughts and self-harming are monsters that don’t have a victim profile. Whether you’re struggling through a phase, or have been diagnosed with mental illness, it doesn’t make you any less valuable, worthwhile or precious… you are loved.


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