No Turning Back

    Keren Masters

    ISBN 9780645371413

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    Much has been assumed and written about missionaries, with them often bearing the brunt of the criticism of Australia’s Stolen Generation. While some of this is accurate, it is not as simple as that.

    The Colonisation of Australia was a time of massive change for everyone, but more significantly for Aboriginal people. The underpinning theoretical, political, legal, spiritual and moral led to decisions being made that now everyone regrets. It led to policies and control of their lives.

    Missionaries came and worked unpaid, yet under the authority of the government, to make a difference, they were guided by their faith and thinking of their time. This book brings to life the story of missionaries Bruce and Pearl Smoker’s strong personal calling, the people they loved and the challenges they faced as missionaries, where they worked at the difficult task from 1951- 1973.

    After leaving Western Australia’s Kimberley region, they worked among the Noongar people of the South in Western Australia. Their fascinating story will encourage other Christians to step out of their comfort zones to do something great for God.

    About the author
    Keren Masters was born in Halls Creek, the only daughter of Bruce and Pearl. She was brought up in Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, before attending boarding school in Perth at age twelve. Boarding school took her from the bush to life in the city – a cultural shock as big as the huge changes that were happening in the Kimberley. She has researched and written the inside story of her parent’s life.

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