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  • Other Books by
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No More Monkey Business

Kevin Simington


LIST PRICE: $23.95


By Kevin Simington | ISBN 9780648578024

No More Monkey Business is a stunning, up-to-date exposé of a theory that is in deep crisis. It presents a comprehensive examination of the overwhelming scientific evidence that now directly contradicts the theory of evolution, and it documents the complete abandonment of the theory by a growing number of the world’s leading scientists.

Aimed at the intelligent layperson, written with wit, and brimming with fascinating scientific evidence, this book highlights the huge problems now facing the naively simplistic theory proposed more than a century ago. The book also provides a theological study of the complete incompatibility of evolutionary theory with the Bible.

“The depth and scope of this research is truly breathtaking” – James Barclay

About the author:
Kevin Simington (B.Th. Dip. Min) is a theologian, apologist, speaker and author who has spent over 30 years in Christian ministry. His website,, and his Facebook page, “Reflections on Faith and Life”, provide rich insights for exploring theology, apologetics and ethics. His successful previous book, “Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding” has received outstanding reviews.

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