New Authors

Ark House is happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts from new and established authors in all writing genres.

If you’ve written your manuscript, then from here we help make the process relatively simple. We have five publishing options:

Full contract publishing


Pastor publishing

Ark House Kids

Author Now

Full contract publishing: If you are aiming for a full publishing contract, which Ark House offers, then it can take three-to five months for us to review your manuscript, without guarantee of success. This option is ideal for authors who have been published, who have a sales history as an author, or who have a large platform to promote their book to.

Co-publishing: Ark House has recently launched a co-publishing division, where we work with authors who are either unknown, do not have a large social media platform to market to, or are in a hurry to get their book into the market for conferences, and so on. Please note this is subject to manuscript approval to manage the Ark House logo. Click here to learn more.

Pastor publishing: Ark House has a designated pastor publishing division, where we work with pastors to produce their book, offer global distribution, as well as delivery to any location they are speaking at around the world. Click here to learn more.

Ark House Kids: Ark House has a specialized kids’ division called Ark House Kids. We also have very short run printing options available on full color kids’ books, making kids’ publishing cost effective. Click here to learn more.

Author Now: Ark House been a trusted name in book publishing for more than 14 years. In that time we have developed a very strong name as a boutique Christian publisher. Accordingly our Author Now division is designed for authors whose a) books do not meet the standard required to have access to our Ark House imprint, or b) just want help with a few elements to bring their book to completion. Some authors like to go it alone, and for those who do, we can lend an experienced hand in getting your book successfully completed. Click here to learn more.

Simply complete the contact form below and we will make a time to discuss on the phone with you.