Ark House is one of the world’s leading Christian owned and run book publishing companies. We’re committed to helping you see your dream of becoming an author come to fruition.


Every submission we receive goes through our initial assessment process. At the end of this process, we will have one of 3 options for you:


Yes, we offer full contracts. This is generally reserved for more experienced authors with a sales history, or those with a platform from which to promote their books.


More common for unknown or first-time authors, our co-publishing is perfect for bringing new authors to market. It also gives them a powerful imprint to publish under, and they keep the rights/ownership to their book/s at all times.


Ark House is not a self publishing company, however we do have the ability to self publish for books that fall outside of our publishing scope. These books still utilize our experienced production team and are managed by our Author Now division.

So unless your circumstances are extraordinary, we work with 95% of the submissions we receive. We believe that the world’s next best Christian authors cannot be found if they are not given a chance.


As an author, the brand on your book speaks volumes for your credibility. You need to be seen to be a respected author, but if you have a self published logo on your book and links to a website that just advertises packages, your ‘cred’ is immediately lost. Ark House authors have a trusted, professional publisher that’s been around for two decades.


We’re here to bring new authors – and existing authors – to market.

  • We manage the entire process for you, taking the stress out.

  • We’re focused on Christian authors with an uplifting message.

  • Ark House is part of Initiate Media, a global Christian media company.


When you publish with Ark House, we do more than just produce and distribute your book. We utilize our media assets to get you real exposure with Christian readers, leading to greater book sales.


I am so thankful that I was referred to Ark House! I have worked with several publishers, some more widely known than others, but I have never received the kind of investment of time, care and resources as Ark House provides. THANK YOU! I did not anticipate the strikingly varied ways in which my book is presented in,, and And thank you again for your graciousness towards me in allowing me to benefit from your extraordinary means of publicity now, instead of later. I am most honored to have my book, Living Missionally Beyond Sunday, published by Ark House.
Kerry McRoberts
Author of Living Missionally Beyond Sunday
Washington, USA

I want to record my appreciation to everyone, and especially Nicole and James, for making the production of this little book, my fifth, such an encouraging and effortless process. Thank you all for the work you have put into bringing my small volume to fruition. As I have mentioned previously, this will be my fifth book of which the fourth was also in three editions and two translations, so I can say with some past experience that I am really delighted with the way it has turned out. It has been a great pleasure to work with a Christian media organisation that walks its talk. Dealings with large international publishing houses are not always of this standard.
Professor John Clark
Author of His Workmanship
Sydney, Australia

Wonderful news: the first delivery of books arrived yesterday. It was a tad emotional for me (not so for the Fedex man!) as it has been over ten years in the making. I am so pleased with the final product and could not praise Ark House Press and their care and professionalism enough. Many, many thanks.
Emma Jane McNichol
Author of Will I Have to Brush My Teeth in Heaven?

Thank you so very much. My book looks great! Everyone has been so very helpful. It has been a big process, but it has also been incredibly exciting... It would have remained a beautiful manuscript in my home, but all of the team at Ark House has given my story wings. I am so very thankful.
Carol Anderson
Author of Anna's Story


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