My Sister Called Me Florence
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My Sister Called Me Florence

By S M Nostrini | ISBN 9780645459630

What’s in a name?
I am troubled; I was born in pain.
These are the meanings of the names I was given, but my sister called me Florence.
I give thanks for the gift of this name.
I have dedicated my life to serve God, and to help others overcome pain and trouble.
I could have been left unloved, rejected and lived a worthless life.
God blessed me from a young age with a calling from Him.

From Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, this true story defies obstacles that would stand in Flo’s way. Trusting completely in God’s provision she claims only, ‘When God calls you, he equips you.’

To write a book would be wonderful,” she says. “Some people might be inspired to venture into the world of trusting God.”

Author Sheryl Nostrini has undertaken the challenge of sharing Flo’s story for that very reason.

Close communication between Flo and her Australian mentor, Louise Furniss with Sheryl strive to share the message of this amazing young woman’s life with a prayer that it will touch your heart.

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