Mr. Stork Delivering Megan

    Mr. Stork Delivering Megan

    Phil Reynolds

    ISBN 9781763511286

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    Mr. Stork is a magical wise old bird, who has been delivering babies for hundreds of years, as the old worldly folklore stories tell us.

    Mr. Stork Delivering Megan could be the story of any new baby being delivered to new parents, anywhere in the world. With these travels Mr. Stork imparts his wisdom and the experience of the flight into the new baby’s Spirit!

    It is no wonder that the human race has had this wanderlust to travel since the Dawn of Our Lord God’s Creation and to see where our Earthly Dreams will take us? Amen! & Amen!

    About the author
    Phil Reynolds is an Englishman by birth and a naturalised Australian since 1985. Phil was born into a farming environment in Lancashire England, being a chronic dyslexic with a lower than average, educational ability. Phil migrated on his own aged 20 in 1975, bound for New Zealand as I final year metal fabricator/welder apprentice, on a one way airline ticket and seventy New Zealand dollars in his pocket. Wellington was it; as Phil could not afford the wet weather gear to go to Antarctic, the furthest he could get away from his abusive father in England.

    Phil excelled in all areas of his heavy engineering studies and matriculated ahead of schedule, working up as a tradesman, leading hand, supervisor and top construction area manager in the Oil/Gas, Mining and Marine Resource Industries throughout Australasia. Phil with his young family moved from Western Australia to South Australia 1994 to start his own distribution business. Phil started from scratch, not knowing anyone in South Australia with a new product in a new state, to attain the top sales person award for Australasia. Phil loves a challenge and volunteers in a few areas to educate people, especially the youth of Australasia on the Sail Training Ship Leeuwin II.

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