Motherhood Moments

    Desi Soitaridis

    ISBN 9780645802566

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    There were seasons in my life where it was hard to pray. I struggled to put sentences together, or even worse, I didn’t want to speak to God. Why would He want to listen to me, anyway? Then I became a mother. A colleague gave me a card on my last day before maternity leave. Inside she had written, “Praying for your children is the best thing you can do”. But how could I pray for my children when I couldn’t even utter words to God for myself?

    Perhaps, you find yourself in a similar situation where it’s hard to pray. Or you are in a season where it is easy. God still wants to hear from His children. In my early years as a mother, I so desperately wanted and needed God, but then the fatigue kicked in and I couldn’t manage more than a word or two. These are the words I repeated over and over; things that were on my heart and mind, but I couldn’t actually say out loud.

    Motherhood Moments began with my own collection of utterings. It is not intended to be read in one sitting. It contains a list of twenty words as a focus for when life feels overwhelming, lonely, busy and scary and when we feel like we can’t quite reach the feet of Jesus, or can’t put sentences together. Motherhood Moments will be there to meet you and encourage you on your journey.

    About the author

    Desi Soitaridis and her husband Nicholas have been married for ten years. They have two young children and live in Melbourne, Australia. She has completed a Master of Education (Leadership) and has been a high school English teacher for the last seven years. She is an avid book lover and believes in the importance of raising the next generation of passionate Jesus followers.

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