morning light

    Morning Light

    Naomi Cherie

    ISBN 9780645670592

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    I hope in these pages you find comfort; I trust in these poems you find words to capture your feelings of joy or sorrow, of love whether lost or forever, and of the mystery of both the now and the tomorrow.

    I dedicate this anthology to all those who have inspired me, encouraged me, and believed in me, most importantly of whom is my mother, who reminds me every day that I am capable of achieving my dreams.

    May these poems unite us and remind us, that no matter how dark a night becomes, the sun will always rise, and the morning light will always bring the hope of a new tomorrow.

    About the author
    Naomi Cherie is a poet, author, behaviour practitioner and lover of all things beautiful. These poems, spanning the last seven years, capture a broad range of life experiences, emotions and shared stories inspired by others. Naomi’s work touches on love, self-growth, loss, pain and healing. Writing poetry has been a journey of understanding for Naomi and a way to process her feelings and articulate the untold stories of her heart.

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